Super HOTTT!!!

Protect yourself in Style, get a Fedora for Summer!

SUMMER, Summer, summer...

Check Out These Colours!!!! They scream Summer - The Sun, Cool Weather, Flowers etc!!!

Link - www.globalfashionreport.com

The Stylist Loves This Look!!!

The Stylist loves the metallic Gladiator heels, the belt and the embellishments on the top. She also thinks the silhouette & fabric are great for hot summer days. The scarf and the shades complement and complete this fabulous look!!! This is from John Richmond Spring/Summer '08

Link - nymag.com/fashion

Beware of this HOT trend!!!

The stylist thinks this trend is really HoTTT and should be ROCKED this summer!!! This is Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2008
Link - www.vogue.co.uk